Treadmill Display not working

Treadmill Display not working

This is one of the most common problems with most  treadmills these days.

Treadmill display consoles help the user to to issue commands for the treadmill to start, run and stop, Just because the display ( console) is broken it  doesn’t mean the entire treadmill is completely unusable. 

How to troubleshoot

1. check the treadmill power supply

So start troubleshooting your treadmill by Starting by checking if the power cord of the treadmill is tightly plugged into the wall socket. If the treadmill runs on batteries, check if they are healthy. Sometimes, resetting the circuit breaker does the trick.

You can also try reset the treadmill by unplugging the treadmill for about 1 minute. Unplug the treadmill and plug it back in to ensure that it’s not a power problem

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2. Remove and put back the safety key

try removing the safety key from the display. The console will not power up if the safety key is not inserted securely in the slot. Replace the key tightly and try powering up again to see if the problem disappears.

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3. Display keys not working

Test each of the treadmill keys to ensure that they are working properly. Press each key in turn to make sure you can hear a “beep” or see a change on the display screen. If your buttons aren’t working, your display may be broken and you need a replacement or repair. 

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